University of Pittsburgh


Winners of the 2013-2014 Creative Writing Awards

Undergraduate Poetry Award

Judge: Leslie Anne Mcilroy

First Place: Colleen Paddock for “untitled”

Second Place: Peter Bouwens Webb for “come here, beautiful people”

Third Place: Kaeli Hood for “no, try again”


Montgomery Culver Prize for Fiction

Judge: Mason Radkoff

First Place: Elizabeth McLaughlin for “Prints”


Taube Award for Fiction

Judges: Myron Taube, Geeta Kothari, and Amy Murray-Twyning

Co-First Place: Brett Sholtis for “The Charlatan’s Tale”

Co-First Place Elizabeth McLaughlin for “Tracks


Melissa Difatta Undergraduate Nonfiction Award

Judge: Lori Jakiela 

First Place: Ethan McElhinny for “The Need to be Needed”

Second Place: Hannah Webb for “Safety in Numbers”

Third Place: John Dodderidge for “The New Americans”


Academy of American Poets/ Graduate Poetry Award

Judge: Judith Vollmer

First Place: Cameron Bryce Barrett for “Crepe Sole Shoe”

Second Place: Laura Brun for “Schism”

Third Place: Caleb Washburn for "Eating an Ortolan Bunting”


Turow-Kinder Award for Fiction

Judge: Allison Amend

First Place: Amanda Boyle for "Lulu”

Second Place: Scott Romani for “The Willing Patient”

Third Place: Jennifer Bannan for “Welcome to Kindness”


Graduate Nonfiction Award

Judge: Jeff Sharlet

First Place: Tyler McAndrew for “Scar Tissue”

Second Place: Tim Maddocks for “Filtered Language”

Third Place: Jennifer Bannan for “Footless Horseman and I, Voting”

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