University of Pittsburgh


Creative Writing Award Winners 2012-2013

Turow-Kinder Award for Fiction

Judge: Sherrie Flick

First Place: Jennifer A. Howard for “Everything You Love”

Second Place: Shannon Reed for “The First Full Day”

Third Place: Jennifer Bannan for “This Crisis Brought To You By Me”

Honorable Mention: Scott Romani for “Chapter One (untitled)”


Montgomery Culver Prize for Fiction

Judge: Jeff Condran

First Place: Elizabeth Howey for “And Coming Up Next, Murder!


Taube Award for Fiction

Judges: Myron Taube, Geeta Kothari, and Amy Murray-Twyning

First Place: Nina Andreyevna Sabak for “Rapunzel Syndrome”, “Something Small and Made of Fire”, “The Interpretation of Dreams”

First Place: Brett Allen Sholtis for “Dragon Island”, “Spencer's Paradox”, “This Distant Place”

First Place: Nicholas Kasunic for “Music, Uncle Charles and Fish”, “What You Remember”, “Black Man”


Academy of American Poets/Graduate Poetry Award

Judge: Eileen Myles

First Place: Kazumi Chin for “[At some point, the light]”, “[Let's say you are here]”

Second Place: Lauren Russell for “The Art of Speaking”, “Hair”

Third Place: John Calvasina for “Lavender Town”, “Summer Sonnet”


Undergraduate Poetry Award

Judge: Liz Ahl

First Place: Melissa Dias-Mandoly for “Miscegenation”

Second Place: Claire Matway for “Winter Down”, “Carrie, November”

Third Place: Kent Berthoud for “On Rewatching Fanny and Alexander”


Melissa Difatta Award for Nonfiction

Judge: Elizabeth Hoover 

First Place: Jessica Cheng for “How to Be the Daughter of a Chinese Immigrant”

Second Place: Christopher Sweitzer for “Fairytales Never Warn You about Wicked Stepfathers”

Third Place: Vivianne Oyefusi for “New Roots”


Graduate Award for Nonfiction:  

Judge: Anjali Sachdeva

First Place: Laura Elizabeth Clark for “Airborne”

First Place: Katie Booth for “Teaching Theresa To Talk”

Second Place: Emily Maloney for “Dish”


We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participating writers, to writing instructors, to judges, and to the generous sponsors who make these awards possible.

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