University of Pittsburgh


Winners of the 2011-2012 Creative Writing Awards

Turow-Kinder Award for Fiction

Judge: Ron Carlson

First Place: Jonathan Gotsick for “Wing Woman”

Second Place: Tyler McAndrew for “Happy Birthday”

Third Place: J.A. Howard for “Our Father the Magician, Our Father the Tornado”

Honorable Mention: Stephanie Wilson for “Compartments”


Montgomery Culver Prize for Fiction

Judge: Josh Barkan

Winner: Nina Sabak for “A Drowning Girl’s Guide to Water”


Taube Award for Fiction

Judges: Myron Taube, Allison Amend, & Ryan McDermott

First Place: Lori Stover for “Dust,” “Mother,”  & “Take Care”

Second Place: Nicholas Dyll for “Blood, Smoke, & Silicon”

Third Place: Ryan Beaupit for “D Sharp,” “Marcus Elridge,” & “The First Snow Winter” 


Academy of American Poets/Graduate Poetry Award

Judge: Wayne Koestenbaum

First Place: Amanda Brant for “Instead of This” & “Breaking Open”

Second Place: Lauren Russell for “The Chess Players” & “Dream-Clung, Gone”

Third Place: Avery Thomas for “Stay at Home” &   “Wildlife in the Living Room”


Undergraduate Poetry Award

Judge: Joy Katz

First Place: Melissa Dias-Mandoly for “Etc.,” “Between” & “Gender Gentrification”

Second Place: Savonna Johnson for “Before Falling out the Window”

Third Place: Caily Grube for “Song of the Thing Fucked”

Honorable Mentions: Jarrett Eakins for “Afternoon Song”; Sarah Geisler for “What is History” & Can you Change This?”; Peter Webb for “Instructions for Seven Suspects of a Murder Mystery Dinner, Where I Am the Murdered Man” 


Melissa Difatta Award for Nonfiction

Judge: Reid Frazier

First Place: Emily O’Donnell for “The Dying of Brightness”

Second Place: Rachel Grozanick for “On Leave”

Third Place: Mandy Velez for “A Vicious Cycle” 


Graduate Award for Nonfiction:  

Judge: Michael Meyer

First Place: Nicole Carroll for “Transitional”

Second Place: Maria Sholtis for “Red Shack”


We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participating writers, to writing instructors, to judges, and to the generous sponsors who make these awards possible.

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