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Advising and Mentoring

Our program is a collaborative one that encourages student self-motivation. Your professors are here to offer instruction, thesis direction, and career advice. As a program, we offer many opportunities for our students to shape their own individual writing life. From visiting writers and publishing professionals to avenues for hands-on professionalization and teaching and research, there are many forms of learning and support available. As in the writing profession, the student needs to decide their own path in the program but the faculty are here to guide, instruct, and aid you to reach your goals. Our faculty will rotate in the instruction of graduate courses. In addition, we will hold office hours and be available outside of office hours by appointment. You should feel free to contact any of us at any time, whether you are currently enrolled in one of our courses or not. You can find our e-mail addresses on our individual faculty pages on the Writing Website. 

Revised 09/21/2022
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