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Graduate Faculty Assignments 2019-2020

Below is a list of faculty who'll be teaching in the MFA program in the next two academic years, along with the graduate courses they'll be teaching each semester; all are subject to change. For the most current information, check on PeopleSoft or with Sarah Baumann in the English office:

Fall 2019

Dawn Lundy Martin -- ENGWRT 2210 Poetry Workshop, TBA  

Angie Cruz -- ENGWRT 2010 Fiction Workshop, TBA

Peter Trachtenberg -- ENGWRT 2510 Nonfiction Workshop: Structures and Techniques, TBA

Spring 2020 (tentative)

Irina Reyn --ENGWRT 2010 Fiction Workshop, TBA

Rickey Laurentiis -- ENGWRT 2290 Readings in Contemporary Poetry, TBA

Yona Harvey -- ENGWRT 2210  Poetry Workshop, TBA

Jeanne Marie Laskas -- ENGWRT 2310 Nonfiction Workshop, TBA

Erin Anderson-- ENGWRT 2390 Readings in Contemporary Nonfiction, TBA

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