University of Pittsburgh


2014-15 Creative Writing Awards

Undergraduate Poetry Award

Judge: Danez Smith

First Place: Ravi Teja Yelamanchili

Second Place: Madeline Weiss 

Third Place: David Turner


Montgomery Culver Prize for Fiction

Judge: Katherine Karlin

First Place: Mary Sico

Special Mentions: Kayla Bloodgood and Ojel N. Nduanya


Graduate Nonfiction Award

Judge: Jennifer Clement 

First Place: Molly Bain 

Second Place: Sara Button 

Third Place: Emily Maloney


Academy of American Poets/ Graduate Poetry Award

Judge: Jessica Helen Lopez

First Place: Emily Hopkins

Second Place: Stephanie Cawley

Third Place: Caleb Washburn


Turow-Kinder Award for Fiction

Judge: Craig Bernier

First Place: Morgan Kayser

Second Place: Nina Sabak

Third Place: Scott Romani


Taube Award for Fiction

Judges: Myron Taube, Geeta Kothari, and Amy Murray-Twyning

First Place: John William Simons V

2nd Place Keerstan McGinley 

Melissa DiFatta Undergraduate Nonfiction Award

Judge: Marissa Landrigan 

First Place: Sarah Lane

Second Place: Elizabeth Rakow and Stephanie Roman 

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