University of Pittsburgh


2016-17 Creative Writing Awards

Undergraduate Poetry Award 

Judge: Rachel Nelson

First Place: Mia DiFelice for "Coming Quietly" 

Second Place: Alexis Kennell for "The Waltz of the Bees"

Third Place: Maya Best for "To Toes"
Honorable mention: Matthew Walker for "Rap (v.) (n.)"


Monty Culver: Judges

Tom McWhorter & Cumi Ikeda

First Place:  Gabrielle Pogel for “Breaking and Entering”  

Honorable Mention:   Britney Meiser for “In the Trees” 

Honorable Mention:  David Wade for “East Maiden”  


Taube Award for Fiction

Judged by Myron Taube, Craig Bernier, & Mark Kemp

First: Kelchis Radziewicz for "The Dark One—Crystalline Sincerity—Mouths of  Shadows"  

Second: David Wade for East Maiden

Third: Shannon Pender for "The Dust We Wore"


Turow-Kinder Award for Fiction

Judged By Jeffrey Condran

First Place: Rachel Ann Brickner for "American Made" 

Second Place: Adam Brewer for "Glossolalia"  

Third Place:  Hannah Eko for "Every Young Woman's War"  


Graduate Nonfiction Award

Judged by Doug Swanson

Lucia LoTempio for "The How of Love"  


Academy of American Poets Graduate Poetry Award

Judged by Brandon Som

First Place: Ariana Brown, for “Ahuacatl”

Second Place: Stefan Triplett for “Baptism”

Third Place: Stephanie Cawley for “Bridle”


Melissa Difatta Undergraduate Nonfiction Award

Judged by Jennifer Matesa

First: Ellen Kruczek for  "The Naked Human”

Honorable Mention: Sophie McHugh for "Nervosa"

Honorable Mention: Margaret Wilson Millure for "Wife"


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