University of Pittsburgh


2017-2018 Creative Writing Awards

The Taube Award in Fiction
(Judged by Morgan Kayser)
First Place : Casey Reiland for “The Guests”
Second Place: Tinh Le for “Two Scenes in '80s Cedar Rapids”
Third Place: Brian Murray for “Clovis Commute”

The Academy of American Poets Undergraduate Poetry Award 
(Judged by Malcolm Friend)
First Place: Jennifer Nguyen for “Lunar New Year”   

The Melissa Difatta Undergraduate Nonfiction Award
(Judged by Rachel Wilkinson)
First Place: Zoe Kovacs for “Bird Songs”
Honorable Mention: Tinh Le for “A Week at the Beach”
Honorable Mention: Brandon Marx for “Alzium"

The Nordan-Kinder Graduate Award in Fiction
(Judged By Craig Bernier)
First Place: Eowyn Randall for “Block of Lard”
Second Place: Kent Kosack  for “Chaos is Being Yourself”
Third Place: Tanya Sharizi for “Tolula”

The Graduate Creative Nonfiction Award
(Judged by Brian Broome)
Winner: Hannah Eko for “A Truthful Answer”
Honorable Mention: Avery Keatley for “Cold Comfort”
Honorable Mention: Abigail Lind for “Getting at It: An Exercise”

The Academy of American Poets Graduate Poetry Award
(Judged by Jonathan Moody)
Winner: Tanya Shirazi for “Lamentar and Temporary Protective Status”


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