University of Pittsburgh


2019-2020 Undergraduate and Graduate Creative Writing Awards

  • The Nordan-Kinder Award in Fiction

     Judged by Clare Beams

 1st Prize: S. Brook Corfman

 2nd Prize: Kelly Chastain

 3rd Prize: Aeriel Merillat 

  • The Melissa Difatta Undergraduate Nonfiction Award

Judged by Steffan Triplett 

1st Prize: Leah Mensch 

2nd Prize: Megan Williams

3rd Prize: Monica Hurtado  

  • The Taube Undergraduate Fiction Award

Judged by Tyler McAndrew

1st Prize: Geoffrey Schiller

2nd Prize: Samantha Kirschman

3rd Prize: Mad McConnell 

  • The American Academy of Poets Undergraduate Poetry Award 

Judged by Malcolm Friend 

Winner: Joseph Jang, "My Father Calls From His Chair"

  • The American Academy of Poets Jean Meyer Aloe Graduate Poetry Award  

Judged by Lucia LoTempio

Winner: Joshua Corson, "Half-life"

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