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Erin Anderson

Assistant Professor
CL 509B

Erin Anderson is an award-winning multimedia storyteller and audio producer. Her work spans genres and platforms including narrative audio, multimedia nonfiction, and gallery installations. She is the author/producer of “What Hadn’t Happened,” winner of The Atavist’s Digital Storymakers Award (2013) and Our Time Is Up, winner of the Sarah Lawrence College International Audio Fiction Award (2016). Her radio/podcast work has recently aired on Serendipity and KCRW’s UnFictional. She is currently developing an audio installation for the Smithsonian Institution’s ACC Creativity and Innovation Festival, opening October 2017.

Erin has also published scholarly essays and multimedia works in several journals of writing, performance, and digital cultureincluding LiminalitiesEnculturationReconstruction, and Kairos. Her co-authored chapter (with Dr. Trisha N. Campbell), “Ethics in the Making,” will appear in Making Things and Drawing Boundaries: Experiments in the Digital Humanities, forthcoming with the University of Minnesota Press. She earned her PhD in Critical and Cultural Studies from the University of Pittsburgh.



 Listen to “Being Siri” on KCRW’s UnFictional

Listen to Our Time Is Up on Serendipity

Watch “Her Husband’s Wife’s Pancreas” in Quarterly West 

Read/listen to “What Hadn’t Happened”


Teaching and Writing 

I believe that writing in digital forms should support students’ growth as writers in general, whether they’re writing for the eye or the ear, the page or the screen, with words or with images. As a teacher, I strive to always place technology in the service of storytelling, giving students the skills they need to create work that excites them without feeling like they need to know and do it all. By learning how to learn what they need to know moving forward, students leave my classes with a new set of tools to do the work they love.

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