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Robin Clarke

Lecturer II

Robin Clarke divides her time between teaching, reading, writing and activism. She is the author ofLines the Quarry (Omnidawn, 2013), winner of the Omnidawn 2012 1st/2nd book prize for poetry, judged by Brenda Hillman. With Sten Carlson, she co-authored the chapbook Lives of the Czars(nonpolygon, 2011), which imagines what might happen if intelligent machines decided to write poetry.

In 2015, she created a new creative writing course entitled “Writing/Politics,” in which students practice strategies for writing experimentally and imaginatively about the political issues that matter to them. She has taught Reading Poetry, Introduction to Creative Writing, Seminar in Composition: Education, and Workshop in Composition.

A great admirer of the educator Paulo Freire, Robin has used her teaching to practice how the classroom can both lift the fog of systems of oppression and continually open itself to the newness of Freirean inquiry. For, as Freire writes: “In the revolutionary process, the leaders cannot utilize the banking method as an interim measure at the outset, justified on grounds of expediency, with the intent of laterbehaving in a genuinely revolutionary fashion. They must be revolutionary—that is to say, dialogical—from the outset.”

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