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Heather Kresge


Heather Kresge is a punk-ass word jockey and professional photographer who can’t sit still. After finishing her BA in English writing in Nonfiction at the University of Pittsburgh in 2015, she took exactly two years off from school, worked at an installation-art museum, watched too many MOOCS, and then returned to Pitt as an MFA candidate in Poetry.

Heather has received numerous awards and honors, including: Undergraduate Nonfiction Award (2011); The Frank E. Bolden Endowed Student Resource Award from the Pitt Alumni Association (2013); funded research award from NYC Fields Studies Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity to research at the New Public Library archives on Berenice Abbott (2015); Writing Away the Stigma Fellow with Creative Nonfiction (2016); the inaugural Alexandra L. Rowan Award in Nonfiction, judged by Lauren Groff (2015); and, most recently, an artist residency in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Pitt (2018).

Currently, Heather also teaches composition to undergraduates, works as a graduate student assistant, runs a small photography business she started in 2012, reads through the slush pile for Creative Nonfiction, curates the social media channels for Pittsburgh’s chapter of Astronomy on Tap, advocates for mental health awareness, researches a funny little genre called quantum poetics, plays the viola, has a serious science obsession, talks (explicates) during movies, paints abstract paintings, and generally thinks entirely too much.

If you’re interested in creative collaboration, photography, publishing her work, getting coffee, showering Heather with research funding and future artistic or employment opportunities, she can be reached on Twitter @heatherLkresge, Instagram, or email her at Also, you can check out her photography on Facebook at Heather Kresge Photography and her website

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